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Services catered to your business needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand client needs, breaking projects down into simple milestones with realistic deadlines.

Web Development

A Toronto web design business that takes the time to accommodate to clients needs. We create websites that are easy to use and optimized for excellent experiences. Our geeks are skilled in making wide variety of websites which include but not limited to E-commerce websites, start up business websites, news paper websites, forums, etc. Our geeks understand that compelling content is important for any website that is why we love to communicate and collaborate with our clients to find the right content for their website.

Responsive & Cross Browser Tested

Almost everyone uses their mobile devices to browse the web in in this era. That is why it’s important our geeks optimize your website for mobile devices so your beautiful website can be viewed from any device. Most web browsers work similarly although they do differ in some ways which can change the look and feel of a website, we make sure your website is built to have that experience consistent across all web browser platforms.

Quality Assurance

Our main priority is to make sure YOUR website is built with the top most quality possible. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 goal, so your clients are happy with you and you are happy with us. Quality is built through consistent communication to make sure the website incorporates all the things you need.


E-commerce business is something Blueflower Media is very passionate about. We have put in a lot of time understanding E-commerce in Canada and how to construct powerful websites to host this type of business. It can get overwhelming uploading all of your products in a website when you have lots of them. Not only do we develop the website, but we also upload the products for you and give you a small tutorial on how to upload products on your own. That way you can update your e-commerce website with your latest products and maximize profits.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very crucial for any business to succeed. Before companies were looked at like corporations and people were afraid of them. Now digital marketing really establishes brands and gives them a personality. About 3 billion people use the internet daily. For that reason, it is important for any business no matter the scale of the business to have a presence on the internet. It also gives customers a way to communicate with the company which can turn into leads or potential clients.


Digital marketing strategy is a series of steps that help you achieve your presence on the internet through social media and blogs. There is no doubt it can get difficult to come up with a strategy to help you achieve your digital goals. Your goal may be to generate 25% more leads and better customer service thus digital marketing strategy is needed.

Social Media Management

Most successful business are on social media to establish their presence. Also, it gives them a great platform to communicate with their existing clients for any inquires they have which builds a strong relationships with them. This is crucial to have your existing customers return. Social media management also gives you the platform for potential leads and clients that may interested in your product or service. With so many social media platforms it can get difficult to juggle all of them. This is where BlueFlower Media takes the time to keep your social media updated with rich content to keep your followers engaged.

Social Media Marketing

With up to 2.07 billion monthly users using social media it is a great way to get your brand recognized and gain potential leads. BlueFlower Media will design optimized ad campaigns to help build a larger follower base and help get your product/service more traction. With so many social media platforms it gets confusing on how to make efficient ad campaigns on the different platforms but we got it covered.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps your website be top results on search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, and many more. Search engine optimization includes putting in specific keywords in your website that most people will be searching for. The key to an optimized website is to utilize long tail keywords that people search for. Many different tools are used to find the best keywords for your website.

Keywords Planning

BlueFlower Media takes the time to do research on your product or service and find the right keywords for your website. Keywords need to be designed for your target demographic and finding the right ones can be a taxing task. With plenty of paid professional tools BlueFlower Media can take care of those problems with ease.

Content Writing

Once the keywords are figured out they need to be put in the content of the website. It is better if BlueFlower Media takes care of the content writing, so we flow the keywords in with the rest of the content. It is also important to realize that search engines do not like websites with lots of keywords and not a lot of quality keywords. If that is the case keywords can work against you and search engines we degrade your website. BlueFlower Media takes pride in having an equilibrium of quality content and keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM also known as Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your business recognized and grow. SEM is something all businesses should consider in competitive market places. With so many businesses looking for the same clients that other businesses are as well, advertising online is what differentiates the two companies. Promote your product and service with google, yahoo, and other search engines by using their advertising tools.

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Graphic Design

The main purpose of graphic design is problem solving through visual communication with typography, photography, and illustration. With combining symbols, images, and texts we create capturing content that will have your clients hooked on to your website or social media. We also design logos for your new and upcoming business. BlueFlower Media gets to know your business finds everything that is important to you and comes up with a extravagant logo to help brand your business.

Print Design

Marketing offline is just as important as marketing online. Thus, we have mastered print ready graphic design for ad complains fully custom for your business. Designing for print is different than online because of print has many standards such as, margins, and bleeds, while websites aim for a consistent experience between different viewing methods.

Branding & Packaging

Packaging is more than just arbitrary decoration, it's a physical representation of your business for your customers to understand and appreciate. Together, we work to reach brand goals as to how customers should percieve the brand and their emotional response to that perception.

Logo Design

Logo design is vital for any businesses success. Growing your business is directly impacted from the design of your logo. You want your logo to grab your clients attention there for your logo is also a marketing campaign for your company. The logo should really represent all the characteristics, personality, principles, and nature of your company. Your company can either go viral or disappear all from the visual appearance of your logo. This is why a custom logo design is vital for your company and set your apart from your competitors.

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